Sleep and anxiety

I originally contacted Caroline to help with my insomnia and hoped to find help with gaining an understanding on how to relax and sleep more than a few hours.


What I received was a very calming and nurturing environment and atmosphere, she helped me understand that the stress and anxieties that I was not addressing were playing a role is my health and mental wellbeing. We went on a Journey together, and she didn’t simply identify the problems and difficulties I was facing, but helped me understand them, learn from them and how to address them.


We very quickly gained a level of trust that wasn’t forced or one sided. While my sleeping improved I am now able to relax outside of our appointments, she ALSO helped me understand how my mind works and that when I felt secluded or different from others, that everyone experiences these moments and everyone handles them in different ways.


Thank you Caroline for your help, guidance and support.

Stress, anxiety and OCD

I went to Caroline after having my first child, I was suffering from stress and anxiety which was affecting my mood and confidence. After just a few sessions with Caroline she had changed the way I think and cope with stressful situations. When I first visited Caroline I had developed really bad OCD through anxiety but now I can happily say I am in control of my OCD so it no longer affects my everyday life. I am soo happy and would highly recommend Caroline.

Stress and sleeping problems

I would like to thank you for your help recently for a friend/colleague, of which she has stated below her experience of the treatment you offered.
“I was having trouble sleeping and my stress levels were extremely high which was causing my home and work life to suffer greatly. I was very kindly gifted a consultation and a few sessions with Caroline, which honestly, I was slightly dubious about, but I was at the point where I was willing to try anything! I am amazed at how much hypnotherapy has helped, my sleep was so much better within a week and my stress levels were decreasing with every session. Even two months on, my sleep patterns are like normal, I feel rested when I wake ,rather than feeling as if I had run a marathon during the night and I am able to control my emotional well-being in a way I wasn’t in any way equipped to before seeing Caroline. I am so utterly grateful and would highly recommend Caroline as a hypnotherapist, she really puts you at ease and is very easy to talk to, on the whole, just wonderful. Many thanks for your help”.

Fear of flying

I was having some issues with flight anxiety and hypnotherapy was suggested by a friend. I was very fortunate to find Caroline who through a relatively small number of sessions helped me to really address this issue. I am not sure if Caroline is also secretly a fortune teller (!) but things pretty much progressed exactly as she said, despite my initial early skepticism.

On top of that though, Caroline is a really nice person and very pleasant and reassuring to work with. I would happily recommend Caroline and hypnotherapy to friends and family.

Heights and Skiing

I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help. Skiing went brilliantly and I had no fear of heights. I could concentrate on learning new skills and taking in the beautiful surroundings. This is so different from my previous trips where I just had to endure the process.

I enclose this picture as Mark and I went to Pen Y Fan this weekend and thought it showed quite how much I have come along thanks to you. I wasn’t fearful at all. I just walked on to the ledge and thought OK that is pretty down there now what.

I have been recommending you to friends and family so I hope some of them venture your way.

Thanks again

Healthy Choices

I approached Caroline for help with weight loss and general stress management. My sleep quality has been poor recently. I have seen Caroline 5 times and my sleep quality has improved hugely. I have taken back control of my eating but most importantly Caroline has helped me to set clear goals then achieve them. She has changed the way I think about areas of my life I’m not happy with. I feel confident that I make significant changes where necessary and equally accept and leave other areas which actually ok! I highly, highly recommend Caroline.

Sleep Disorders

Caroline really helped my Husband sleep. He has suffered with insomnia for years and has found it almost impossible to relax, but the advised number of sessions has been invaluable. He didn’t want to talk about the past, so Caroline is perfect because she concentrates on what the future holds. She’s gentle, kind and really knowledgeable and experienced. I highly recommend her for any troubles anyone may have.


I would highly recommend Caroline to anyone suffering with an issue that they need help overcoming! She recently helped my husband overcome accepting and dealing with anxiety.

She is extremely approachable and easy to deal with and the results that she has been able to achieve has had a huge impact on our lives!

I also listen to her recording at night when finding it hard to switch off and I can never make it through the whole recording.

Highly recommend!


Hi Caroline,

I cant say enough how much of a difference being freed from phobias has made to my holidays and life in general.

The list is ever growing but:

I climbed a tower (with over 150 steps), and I managed to step onto the wall around the edge. The view was incredible and it’s the first time I’ve been up anything like that in over 40 years!

I was calm in the trip  to the mountains and didn’t even mind the 75 hair pin bends we passed to the top of the mountain pass. I walked over a high bridge and was fine.

I walked along the jetty to boats without any fuss

I went up another 150 steps at high altitude to a viewing area and again managed to look at the spectacular views.

I’ve improved about flying and enjoyed looking out of the window of the plane.

It is such a relief , I am so glad I had the chance to get treatment while I still have good knees to get up to the heights!

Once again thank you

Liz x


I have received several sessions from Caroline to deal with some anxiety issues.
There has been noticeable improvements following each session which we are able to track & discuss along the way.
I feel great now and have taken away some ways of dealing with myself if I should become anxious with the aim to reduce these situations more & more but putting these strategies in place as I now recognise when I am becoming anxious.
I use her recording when I need to to help me switch off & relax & even my husband listens to it with me.
I would 100% recommend Caroline, she is easy to approach, has a very calming nature and explains everything in an understandable way.
Thank you soo much Caroline for helping me 😊

Needles Phobia

My daughter has been dealing with a needle anxiety for many years; due to a forth coming trip to Africa she needed a series of vaccines. So we decided to seek professional help in the form of hypnotherapy.

We found Caroline online and liked her location and philosophy.

After meeting Caroline for the first time her knowledge and explanation of the process put us both immediately at ease.

My daughter’s anxiety had grown to the point where she would be crying for days before and after any vaccine or blood test.

The first set of vaccines for her trip were prior to any therapy session and as usual included lots of fear and tears (for days later). After just one session with Caroline her second set of vaccines were tear free but still a little anxiety. After a further two sessions she took her vaccine whilst having a conversation and no anxiety after the process.

If I had realised how much the therapy sessions would help her we would have done this years ago.

Thank you so much



Caroline has the most amazing manner and soothing voice. I have been seeing her for four sessions to help with a phobia. She explained exactly what would happen at each stage and each session was really relaxing. Not only was I completely cured of the phobia, but I have had the best sleep that I have had for years. Caroline is amazing, highly recommended.