The Importance of Self-Care

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You might be wondering what self-care has to do with hypnotherapy. When I trained as a therapist it wasn’t one of the modules we learnt about. And yet over the years it has become an important part of the work I do with my clients.

I always highlight how important it is that we remember to look after ourselves as a priority!

Because as Dr David Hamilton mentions in his book ‘The Little Book of Kindness’, being kind to ourselves is part of valuing ourselves and it also gives us more energy to look after others.


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Looking after others doesn’t mean we must always:

  • Put others before ourselves
  • Care for yourself instead of others
  • Or even care for yourself once you’ve finished caring for others


It’s just about self-care. We complicate things too much in our own minds. It’s simply about respecting your own needs and desires.


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Self-care might sometimes mean saying “no”, or at least, “not yet”, or “maybe later”.




We’re not being unkind here, but simply recognising that we sometimes need to refuel, and re-energise ourselves, so that we are better able to live our lives and take care of our responsibilities.

Self-care allows us to recharge so we have more energy for others.

Saying “no” from time to time can help increase mental and emotional energy so that we are able to say “yes” on many other occasions.

When we want to!

If we don’t look after our own needs and therefore our own energy levels, we become drained or burned out through over giving. Just like a battery drains if overused. Ultimately, while we might feel like we’re helping in the short-term, in the long term we are wearing ourselves out.

Looking after ourselves can also mean leaving an abusive or controlling relationship, or quitting a job because of stress, bullying or simply because it doesn’t inspire us, and we know we deserve to do work that lights us up.

It can mean removing ourselves from a set of circumstances that drain us.

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Looking after ourselves can also mean treating ourselves because we deserve it. We needn’t justify it. Whether it’s through the purchase of something we want or giving ourselves a special day, an experience or even a holiday.

Looking after ourselves reminds us that we’re worth it!

What can I do for myself simply because I’m worth it?
  • Schedule some time for yourself
  • Say “no”
  • Go for a walk
  • Take a nice long luxurious bath
  • Treat yourself to something you’ve wanted for a while
  • Spend time with people you like!
  • Turn your phone off for a few hours not minutes!
  • Have a deep relaxing ‘Mind Massage’ hypnotherapy session with me!

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Deep relaxation is a lot more than just taking a few minutes out. It is a method of putting the body into a complete and encompassing state of relaxation that allows the mind to follow into a gently and peaceful state. Leaving a marvellous sense of lightness and tranquility that lingers for hours and even days.

Sometimes, we don’t take the opportunity to relax properly for months or even years and that’s why Hypnotherapy Relaxation can be so useful. It allows you to let go and drop away all of the built-up tension and stresses that we hold onto.

Part of looking after ourselves is self-compassion, which is the feeling of being sympathetic and understanding toward ourselves. Of being patient with ourselves.

  • Self-compassion understands that we can’t be perfect, that we can’t win or succeed all the time.
  • With self-compassion, we understand that having a bad day isn’t a failure but a normal part of being human.
  • Self-compassion says, “I am good enough, just as I am”.
  • Self-compassion silences the self-critical voice that many of us have learned to listen to and replaces it with a softer, wiser voice, a voice whose main message is, “You’re doing great. Everything will be fine”.
  • Self-compassion boosts our self-esteem.


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Like kindness to others, self-compassion can be an antidote to depression, especially if depression is fuelled by thoughts of failure, not being good enough or even self-loathing.

Self-compassion understands that it’s perfectly fine to be exactly as you are, with your history as it is, with the qualifications and experience you have, with the way you look, your weight, your shape and any other attributes you tend to criticize.


Studies on self-compassion find that even the inner voices of the best self-critics can be silenced and replaced by understanding, acceptance and patience.

It can even help us find a little more happiness!

As self-criticism is replaced with self-compassion, emotional blocks to happiness are often dissolved. And we discover a fountain of well-being, elation and a sense of positivity that’s always been there…

Ready to face the sunshine!



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