Who’s Your Super Hero?

Superhero films and stories are all about empowering us to be our best selves.

Happiful Magazine reports that a study from the BBC America,has confirmed the self-esteem boosting effects these roles are having on children.

In their survey of 2,431 participants (boys and girls),focusing on the age ranges of 5 – 19 years. Researchers found that the heroes made them feel strong, brave,motivated, confident, inspired and positive. And the Super Heroes also made them feel that they could achieve things in life “if they put their minds to it”.

What’s even better about the study is that they found that there were two groups of people that were most important to building up the children’s self- esteem and that was their parents and family members.

So if there’s  a special young person in your life, never forget that you have the power to install the confidence they need to take on the world!

Hypnotherapy can help you find your confidence and  self-esteem, as well as help with anxiety, depression, sleep disorders and phobias. 


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