Open for business and here to help

Open for business and here to help.

I have had a lot of enquiries whether I can still see my clients face to face or online. The good news is I can offer both.

The governing bodies I work under have sought legal advice on whether complementary healthcare practitioners such as myself as a Solution Focused Hypnotherapists are included in the businesses permitted to remain open during national restrictions in England introduced by the Government on 5th November.

Based on the advice I have received, I am letting you know that I meet the definition of “other…health services, including services relating to mental health” contained in Section 47, Part 3 of the schedule:

I can therefore continue to practise face to face as well as online via Zoom, as I meet all the necessary requirements that need to be in place.

The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) (No. 4) Regulations 2020

Uncertainty during these times doesn’t have to result in fear.
It can also represent freedom from what has been inhibiting our lives and perhaps provide opportunities for growth.

Helping you to overcome the obstacles in your life…


When you book an Initial Consultation, I provide a full explanation on how hypnotherapy works and how it may help you.


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