The Power of Love


There’s no question that the mind impacts the body. A feeling of embarrassment flushes the cheeks, a thought of biting a lemon causes salivation.  These things occur because thoughts, feelings, ideas, imagination in a person’s mind produce a series of chemical and biological changes that result in a physical effect.

And there can be many ways the mind can impact the body. Feeling stressed produces stress hormones and increases blood pressure, constricts arteries, and can cause changes in body temperature. Yet feelings associated with love, kindness or compassion produce a hormone that reduces blood pressure and dilates arteries – entirely the opposite effect.

And so, in this regard there is something that has the power to heal both body and mind and that’s LOVE.


 “Where there is great love, there are always miracles” – Willa Cather
Love shifts our perception of things. That’s where the miracle occurs – inside us. Love reaches inside us all and stirs something, the soul perhaps. It makes life seem different, lighter, brighter.

During my work as a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist together with my research into the mind-body connection, I am convinced that emotional pain can play a role in many illnesses and may even be at the root of them. Whereas love, compassion and self- love can play a role in healing.

The most obvious place to experience love is in relationships. Relationships are the food for the soul. They’re the foundation for our experience of life. Without them, life would have less meaning.

But of course, although we tend to think this refers only to romantic relationships, we can love in all sorts of relationships.

Parents love their children, friends love each other, family members love each other, people love the animals in their lives. All that’s different is the style of love and the way it’s experienced.

Many people, in their final days, reflect on what was most important in their lives. Most say that it was the quality of their relationships – the time they spent with their loved ones. Everything else was just detail.

Self love hearts
When stress, which accelerates disease of mind and body is replaced with love, self-love and compassion, it fades and is replaced with gratitude and a reverence for life.

As we experience love, we also experience a healing of the mind and body through our emotions.  Which can result in a better frame of mind to take any practical actions to facilitate any physical healing. We find we have more energy, vibrancy and motivation than before.

Love enhances us, it makes us so much more. It stretches us so we become more. We become the person we were always meant to be. Sometimes, it’s our loved ones who see this ’more’ in us and they help us to become ‘more’ and we in turn help them.

flower love inside us
We don’t need to wait to be in a romantic relationship to experience love. It’s all around us. In fact, it’s inside us. It’s how we choose to experience the moments in life, whichever form they come in, that allows us to experience love.

In hypnotherapy when deeply relaxed in trance you learn to recognise these experiences and bring them to the surface in your relationships. Because embedded in the silent mind are all the highest values in life. This is the level of our true selves. The self that generates love and light, creativity, discovery and self-acceptance, and in your silent awareness everything you want in a relationship is yours to give.

Love grows out of experiencing inner peace and joy.

Man inner peace calm
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