Summer Holidays and Stress Free Living


During this holiday period, it’s wonderful to be able to spend time away or just relaxing at home. A change away from the normal routine makes us feel better.

Sun hat by the poolWhile on holiday we may have slept eight plus hours a night, exercised daily, maybe walking or swimming and probably didn’t sit behind a desk or laboured for the best part of a day.  You may have answered a few emails and messages while off, but overall were not too worried about ‘work’.

Before our holiday period, we may not have thought we had a lot of stress in our lives. And if somebody asked you if you were stressed, the answer may have been “no”.


But once the holidays are over and we get back to our day to day routines, we may realise we have more stress than we previously thought.

Work mode

As we all slip back into ‘work mode’, we may notice the reappearance of certain symptoms. If for example, you suffer with tense muscles in your neck and shoulders, headaches, teeth grinding, sleep problems, you may have noticed that these seemed to have disappeared while you were off.

So, when our holidays come to an end and we all gear up to go back to work and the school runs, just remind yourself to try and reduce the stress in your life as much possible, even if you think you’re fine!


Take time to relax and develop some positive habits.


Exercise running walkingHealthy FoodHappy people

  • Keep a positive attitude and accept there are events that you cannot control
  • Be active in a positive way, your body can fight stress better when it is fit
  • Be interactive in a positive way and spend time with the people in your life that you enjoy and who make you happy.
  • Eat healthy, well balanced meals
  • Get enough rest and sleep, your body needs time to recover from stressful events.


SOLUTION FOCUSED HYPNOTHERAPY – Is another way to reduce the stress in your life!

During our sessions we spend time focusing on positive outcomes and the goals you would like to achieve. This is followed by clinical hypnosis as part of the session and is a simple technique allowing you to enter a state of relaxation which provides an opportunity to let go of stress and tension. During our sessions you are also provided with a free relaxation CD or MP3 download, so you can experience the same comforting, relaxing sensations in the comfort of your own home.

Research shows that a reduction in stress and anxiety contributes majorly to a healthy and happier life. I can tell you from personal experience…..they’re right!

When you book an Initial Consultation, I provide a full explanation on how hypnotherapy works and how it may help you.


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